[10.02.2011] Training

I went to the track today to work on my sprinting.  I basically did 20 second sprints followed by 10 seconds of walking (rest).  Then repeat 19 more times.  There were a few sprint intervals that I had to replace with rest just so I can complete the whole 10 minutes.

I haven’t been posting my training logs regularly because of how much school is taking up my time.  I still have them logged in my notebook but putting them up now would flood dashboards which I don’t want to do.  I’ll do my best to post regularly.

On a side note I’ve joined my University’s gym.  It’s not the most eye pleasing gym but it will get the job done.  The only thing that really surprised me is that it lacks any squat racks or power racks with crash bars… I am confident enough to squat without crash bars but when I do move up in weight having them there would be nice insurance.  Well hopefully I don’t get crushed by iron this school year =)

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  • 02 October 2011
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